Important Notice Regarding Civil Short Calendar Markings:

Only those arguable motions marked take papers will be considered by the Court at this time.

Arguable motions marked ready will be marked off by the Court and must be reclaimed.

We are experiencing issues completing credit card transactions for filers using Safari browsers. At this time, if you are an attorney or firm using Safari as your browser, please either use a different browser or pay by check. Self-represented parties should also use a browser other than Safari if possible or should file any cases or motions which require a fee on paper with the Court Clerk. Thank you for your patience.

Judicial Branch E-Services - (Electronic Services)
E-Services allows attorneys and self-represented parties to do business with the Judicial Branch electronically. For more information on what you can do electronically through E-Services, click here.

You should review the Procedures and Technical Standards for E-Services which apply to all Judicial Branch electronic services. The Procedures and Technical Standards have rules that apply to E-Services, filing by fax (facsimile), e-filing and short calendar markings. For appellate matters, please review the Procedures and Technical Standards for Appellate E-Filing .


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